Meet the Pastors

Doug and Julie Wolfe

 We are Doug and Julie Wolfe. Parents of 5 amazing children, with families of their own, that despite our youth and ignorance, God grew and continues to grow each of them to be independent, responsible, caring adults. We are also greatly blessed with 4 precious children in-love and 12 wonderful grandchildren, so far.  
Had we known then what we know now, we would have avoided some ugly times. On the other hand, having gone through our own junk, God is now able to use us to reach others, to encourage and teach that recovery and reconciliation is possible. 

 Our journey includes attending and graduating with degrees from Living Word Bible College and Life Christian University in Theology and pastoral studies. We are trained Certified Marriage Specialists (CMS) through National Association of Marriage Enhancement (NAME). We are members of American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). All while continuing our education to better serve you.


As ordained pastors, spouses, parents, grandparents and children of God, we are here to serve, teach and encourage marriages and families, while training others to carry on God’s work in their communities and beyond.

Abundant Blessings,

Pastors Doug & Julie Wolfe


Our Vision

Cultivating and encouraging strong marriages, families and communities. Bible based and Word focused​​.

Our Mission

Serving the community by teaching principles and providing tools that have been established by God's Word, in truth, love and acceptance. 

Working  together with local churches and communities we are reaching out to couples, singles and families to help them succeed and prosper.
With strong families leading to strong communities we can ultimately restore a strong nation.

Pastors Doug and Julie Wolfe
Pastors Doug and Julie Wolfe

Our Services

Marital and Premarital Counseling and Coaching


  Two Are One
Counseling couple to couple. Understanding men and women are different and both perspectives are needed. Truth in Love. 

  Two Be One
Preparing couples for the covenant of marriage and providing tools to work through the trials after the wedding and the party is over

Weekly Group Classes and Trianing


 A marriage is a living entity that takes 100% from each spouse and we must learn to care for it and each other. At His Harbor we offer various marriage, parenting, Men's and women's and bible classes

Class dates and times will be posted on Events page as it is developed

Community Marriage and Family Events


Our hearts are passionate about cultivating marriage and family. On our events calender you will find listed community family focused events that we will host, co-host, sponser or support. 

Events will be posted on the Events page as it is developed.

Couseling or Coaching Request

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Classes may be limited or have a minimum attendence. Please be sure to indicate which class you are interested in